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adoptive_parent's Journal

Adoptive Parents_ Finding that perfect family
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For Anyone looking to adopt a child/ baby to create a profile that Birthmothers can find a family.
All around the world there are Children who need a loving home, who need Mothers and (or) Fathers to love them, to tech them, to guide them and to cherish them. My name is Debbie and I am searching for that one special Child that will fill my life with the sound of joy and a smile.

I was adopted by a very loving woman when I was younger: Growing up I learned that Mother and Mom were two separate things... A Mother is the one who gives birth and loves her baby(s) unconditionally, even when they can't care for them. A Mom is the one who raises you and is there when you scrape your knee or fall down, to kiss you and make it all better. I have a Mother and a Mom and guess what, I still talk to both.

Some kids will never know their birth parents, so when your child asks you what they were like? (Or) Why didn't they want me? How will you answer them?

This Journal is a place where parents looking to Adopt can talk to other Parents. Also a place where Birth Mothers can talk to Adoptive parents, and or find that perfect family for their little one.

Here is a link to a place you can create a profile to better your search for a child: www.parentprofiles.com
The cost is $99.00 a month. It looks to be a great site so I thought I would share it with all of you.